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Pioneering Innovative Medical Technology Since 2006

Imricor was co-founded by Steve Wedan in 2006 and along with three Imricor pioneers established in the Twin Cities area. Imricor has quickly grown to be the first and only company in the world to bring commercially viable and safe iCMR products to the catheter ablation market. As Imricor continues to grow and develop this market, its focus is and remains the improvement of ablation therapy for patients all around the world.
Receipt of CE mark approval marks a major accomplishment for the Imricor team, as we pursue our mission to improve the lives of people worldwide by delivering devices that enable iCMR procedures.
Steve Wedan, CEO Imricor
  • Imricor is established

  • Developed technology for MRI compatibility

  • First in-man diagnostic and ablation procedures performed.

  • Performed first human pilot study with Active MR Tracking

  • Enrolled patients in clinical trial to support CE Mark approval for Vision-MR Ablation Catheter

  • Received CE mark approval for the Advantage-MR EP Recorder/Stimulator

  • Signed first customer contract with Dresden Heart Centre

  • Received CE Mark for Vision-MR Ablation Catheter and Dispersive Electrode

  • First Commercial Procedure


Imricor presence around the world

Board of Directors


Steve Wedan

President and Chief Executive Officer, and Chairman
Joined May 2006

Mark Tibbles

Deputy Chair and Lead Independent Director · Joined September 2014

Peter McGregor

Non-executive Director · Joined May 2019



Steve Wedan

President and Chief Executive Officer, and Chairman

Lori Milbrandt

Vice President of Finance and Chief Financial Officer

Gregg Stenzel

Chief Operating Officer

Dan Sunnarborg

Vice President of Engineering

Jennifer Weisz

Vice President of Regulatory and Quality

Tom Lloyd

Vice President of Clinical Research

Nick Twohy

Executive Director of Marketing

Greg Englehardt

Executive Director of Sales

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