Haga Hospital Becomes First in the Benelux To Perform Cardiac Catheter Ablation in the iCMR

5 June 2020 – Minneapolis, United States – Imricor Medical Systems, Inc. (Company or Imricor) (ASX:IMR) is pleased to announce, the first two successful cardiac catheter ablation procedures using the Company’s product at the Haga Hospital. These procedures are a first for heart care in the Benelux.

The procedures were performed by cardiologist-electrophysiologist Dr. Vincent van Driel, cardiologist Dr. Ivo van der Bilt, and cardiologist-electrophysiologist Dr. Hemanth Ramanna. https://www.hagaziekenhuis.nl/specialismen/cardiologie/

“In all respect, this is a major step forward for patients with cardiac arrhythmias and also for hospitals. With traditional X-ray imaging systems, we cannot determine whether the target heart regions have been successfully eliminated. This is because we cannot image the heart tissue to be treated. As a result, the cardiologist cannot see the heart tissue during the procedure,” Van der Bilt stated about the ablation procedures. Van Driel added, “That is why we have to repeat the ablation treatment for the same patient regularly. This is of course very inconvenient for the patient. Thanks to the new MRI procedure, the chance of recurrence is considerably smaller.”

The success of the Haga Hospital being the first hospital in the Benelux to install an interventional cardiac magnetic resonance (iCMR) lab and to clinically adopt MRI-guided cardiac ablations is a result of the collaboration between the hospital, its physicians, and Imricor.

‘’We, as Imricor, are very happy to open the first hospital in the Benelux. After the delays due to COVID-19, we are proud to see that everyone kept working hard, taking all measurements needed in place. We would like to thank everyone involved in this project, which led to this success, and we look forward to the further collaboration in the near future” stated Jeroen Vos, Clinical Account Manager Europe for Imricor.

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