Schleswig-Holstein University Medical Centre Signs Purchase Agreement with Imricor

27 October 2020 – Minneapolis, United States – Imricor Medical Systems, Inc. (Company or Imricor) (ASX:IMR) the global leader in iCMR guided cardiac ablation products, is pleased to announce the Schleswig-Holstein University Medical Centre (Universitätsklinikum Schleswig-Holstein, or UKSH), in Lübeck Germany, has signed a purchase agreement with Imricor. The Company is working with the Lübeck University Heart Centre, which is under the umbrella of UKSH, to schedule installation, training, and first procedures.

Professor Roland Tilz, Head of Electrophysiology at the Heart Centre commented: “I am very excited about our collaboration with Imricor. MRI guided ablation is a breakthrough technology. This technology enables active catheter tracking as well as passive real-time visualisation. It allows for lesion visualisation without potentially harmful fluoroscopy exposure to both the patient and the operator. In addition, it provides supplementary anatomic guidance to facilitate substrate guided ablation procedures. 

“This is an immense advantage, compared to conventional 3D Mapping System guided ablation and has the potential to improve outcomes and reduce adverse events. I am very excited that we can start now with our first procedures in Lübeck.”

The iCMR facilities at the Lübeck University Heart Centre are built around the latest Siemens 1.5T MAGNETOM Sola MR scanner.

Imricor’s Chair and CEO, Steve Wedan, said: “We are extremely excited to work with Professor Tilz and his truly outstanding team in Lübeck. Sites like the Lübeck Heart Centre at UKSH and physicians like Professor Tilz will lead the way as we continue to grow this new field and our installed based throughout Germany.

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