Imricor Establishes First iCMR Site in Switzerland

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April 11 – Imricor Medical Systems, Inc. (Company or Imricor) (ASX:IMR), the global leader in real-time iCMR cardiac ablation products, is pleased to announce that the University Hospital Lausanne (CHUV) in Lausanne, Switzerland has submitted a purchase order to Imricor for the capital equipment required to fit out the CHUV’s new iCMR lab, scheduled to open this July.

Widely considered one of the best hospitals in the world, CHUV is the first site to establish an iCMR lab with Imricor in Switzerland. The site will be a Centre of Excellence for Imricor, where physicians from other hospitals can visit and be trained on real-time iCMR cardiac ablations and other future interventions, as the number of active sites across Europe continues to grow.

The process is underway for CHUV to participate in the global VISABL-AFL trial supporting US FDA approval of Imricor’s platform of products.

Professor Juerg Schwitter, MD, Director Cardiac MR Center, Staff of Cardiology and Member of the Faculty of Biology and Medicine at CHUV commented: “Here at the University Hospital Lausanne, the CHUV, we are proud to be among the 15 best ranked hospitals world-wide since several years in series (according the Newsweek Magazine) – and we are constantly preparing the future. Therefore, we will launch our fully dedicated iCMR centre this summer as a research and training centre. We will start with electrophysiological interventions and will then also expand to other cardiovascular interventions to treat structural heart diseases, evaluate the pulmonary circulation, complement diagnostics with actively guided myocardial biopsies, and to treat peripheral arterial disease. 

“Many years ago in San Francisco, we did pioneering work on coronary artery disease detection by MRI. Now ischemia diagnostics by MRI is in all international guidelines. Similarly, pacemakers and defibrillators were not compatible with MRI 10 years ago. We started a collaboration with industry, and now all leading device manufactures offer a full spectrum of devices, all MRI compatible, reaching market shares up to 100%. 

“I believe strongly, that this evolution will also happen to the iCMR field, as it allows for high precision interventions, where we expect higher success rate, lower relapse rate and less complications compared to conventional techniques, and all these advantages go without radiation exposure and potentially shorter interventions times.”

Imricor has had a Collaboration Agreement in place with CHUV since 2019, but construction of the new cardiology-owned iCMR lab was delayed through the pandemic. Under the terms of the Collaboration Agreement, Imricor and CHUV will develop and test new technologies for iCMR applications, such as AI applications for Imricor’s NorthStar 3D mapping system, new MRI imaging sequences to support iCMR procedures such as for Pulsed Field Ablation (PFA) of atrial fibrillation, and training platforms for visiting physicians and medical teams.

Imricor’s Chair and CEO, Steve Wedan, commented: “We are very excited to open the new cardiology-owned iCMR facility at the world-class CHUV in Lausanne. We believe this very important site will be an incubator for new iCMR technologies, and a catalyst for new iCMR adoption across Switzerland and all of Europe. We couldn’t be more thrilled than to work so closely with Professor Schwitter and the great team at CHUV.” 
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