Imricor Signs Joint Development Agreement with ADIS for AI Modules in NorthStar

29 November 2023 – Minneapolis, MN United States – Imricor Medical Systems, Inc. (Company or Imricor) (ASX: IMR) is pleased to advise that it has signed a Joint Development Agreement (JDA) with ADIS SA (ADIS) of Lausanne, Switzerland.

Under the terms of the JDA, Imricor and ADIS will collaborate to incorporate Artificial Intelligence (AI) modules developed by ADIS within Imricor’s NorthStar 3D mapping system, starting with automatic segmentation of cardiac chambers from MRI images. Automatic segmentation is expected to save time during iCMR procedures.

Imricor NorthStar 3D Mapping SystemImricor NorthStar 3D Mapping System

In addition, both companies will collaborate to incorporate NorthStar’s user interface into ADIS’s ARTS iCMR procedure simulator platform (ARTS). ARTS is a simulator platform that allows a user to guide Imricor’s Vision-MR Ablation Catheters within a physical tabletop device, as shown below, and view the catheter’s simulated location relative to anatomy derived from real MRI images within the ARTS user interface. Initially, ADIS developed their own user interface for ARTS; however, the JDA paves the way for the ARTS user environment to become the NorthStar user environment.

ADIS ARTS simulator with Imricor’s Vision-MR Ablation Catheter

Imricor’s Chair and CEO, Steve Wedan, commented: “We have been working with the highly talented people at ADIS for several years and are thrilled to advance our partnership to the next level with this Joint Development Agreement.

“One of our primary goals is to leverage ADIS’s extensive expertise in AI development to bring it into NorthStar, such that we can increasingly deliver the power and value of MR imaging to our physicians performing ablations in the iCMR lab with Imricor products.

“Another goal of the JDA is to integrate the NorthStar user environment into the ARTS iCMR procedure simulator platform. As we have highlighted in the past, we intend for NorthStar to be the central hub of every procedure performed in the iCMR lab with Imricor catheters. Therefore, it makes sense that NorthStar should be the environment experienced by users simulating those same iCMR procedures. In the end, we want the user experience within the ARTS simulator to be as close as possible to the experience in the real iCMR lab, thereby reducing training time for iCMR procedures, allowing for patient-specific procedure planning and simulation prior to live procedures, and making the initial simulated experience of performing an ablation guided by MRI more easily accessible to more physicians.


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